Cloud Migration

Our specialists help you effectively migrate business-critical data, applications and databases to the cloud in a secure manner.

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Cloud migration can be difficult and intimidating to navigate for most companies seeking to move their digital assets and resources from on-premises servers to the cloud. With their deep understanding and rigorous experience with the process, the team of technology experts at Ijaz Technology Solutions make the cloud migration experience for you easy, attainable and successful.

Our experts take all necessary steps to ensure early detection and resolution of potential errors with architecture, scale or performance for seamless migration. We define, plan and execute your migration in a cost-effective, secure and futuristic manner.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment:

    A thorough assessment of your applications, infrastructure, data and organizational readiness for the cloud.

  • Accelerated time to value and ROI realization:

    Our staff works effortlessly to reduce operational costs and migration cycles to ensure higher return on your valuable investment.

  • Security and threat protection:

    Preventative, detective and corrective technical and administrative controls in order to maintain integrity and safety of your sensitive data.